Monday, August 27, 2012

LustHaves No. 2 Missguided

I've never shopped at Missguided as i dont really like shopping online, but i found these lovely's and i want them. all.  GIMME. GIMME. GIMME.

yes and in black hehe


Saturday, August 25, 2012

OOTD Friday

Went into town with my mum yesterday to find a cardigan and some dye so i can do some DIY tie dye shirts. went into john lewis to the haberdashery and was told the dye was downstairs?!?!?! no where near the haberdashery but near the cleaning products, which i thought was completely ridiculous but managed to find some purple and blue, i will do a DIY post when i've done the tops :)

Anyway here is a comfy outfi (sorry its getting a bit repetitive with the shorts, it's just too hot to wear anything else atm)t; top- new look, shorts- topshop, socks- no idea.
Even though i took these photos a couple weeks ago i actually wore this while (apart from the socks) i really love the top as its got an aztec pattern on it, and i like the fact that its slightly see-through (i don't know what my obsession with see-through things is) its also a really light material and great for summer :)


DIY No. 1 Cross Top

Was flicking through this months Campany and saw this outfit and really liked the vest top this DJ was wearing that was from topshop, as it was probs not in stores anymore and i don't think i would have been able to afford it anyway, i decided i'd make my own!

What you need; a black t shirt, i got mine from primark for £1! fabric cutting sissors, piece of paper and some chalk

T shirt

Fold the shirt in half

Then make a cross with the paper

Put the paper down the side of the shirt and draw around the edge with the chalk (sorry i don't have this pic!)

and start cutting! making sure not to cut the middle (just yet, as you wanna cut it the other way)

Make sure not to cut to thinly as it will stretch in the wash

(make sure to cut the middle part the other way, to give it a different effect)
This is what it looks like on, make sure to wash is after to get rid of the chalk! i will make sure to do an outfit  post :)

It was so easy to do, if anyone else tries it, tell me! :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Life of Hannah No. 1

Since i take pictures of literally everything in life and been stock piling random photos, i decided to do one of these posts, since my life isn't that exciting its more over a couple weeks than a week :)

Isn't my ipad beautiful | me and my bro pulling funny faces on the ipad camera editor thing | yay more cards!! and £40 from my grandmas, score! | kitty sunbathing | trying to decide what to wear to see my friend, kieran who was visiting me | me being vain | Kieran instagraming my face | Kieran trying to take my photo in costa | new shoes | DIY cross shirt | sam trying out the air bed before going camping | my mum playing with boo | sam saying bye to boo before we go | camping in alfie, you can see my post here | picking up boo from the vets after coming back from camping | talking to people who are going to be on my course at uni, come back to my ipad after about 10 mins and had about 100 notifications, crazy.


Shopping trip! No. 1

Little bit overdue, didn't realise its almost friday! but i went shopping last week while my mums friend was visiting and picked up a few things.

What i wore; shorts- topshop, shirt- primark (sorry if i'm wearing this a lot i really like it!) don't ask why im wearing the tights! looked out the window and it looked like it was gonna be typical suckish english weather so i decided to wear the tights and if it got hot just take off my cardie! but to my luck it was super hot! :( regret much.

Anyway apart from it being super hot, i bought most of the stuff i wanted and got the spike flats i put on my lusthaves list which you can look at here :)

What i bought; chunky purple cardie, black shirt, a maroon shirt (which isn't pictured) and the spiked flats- primark, grey crop- topshop via charity shop, Levis- a vintage shop

Outside of primark there is a little vintage shop that id walked past a couple times but didn't really have the time to go have a snoop. So i decided why not? i have time to waste, i was pleasantly surprised though, as i found these lovely Levis and as im so in love with high waisted shorts atm i had to buy them! i was also super happy to find they had my size as id been trying to find a pair of shorts in primark but they never ever do my size (does this happen to you) as i'm quite small. they fit beautifully around my waist but they're a bit tight on the thighs but ahh well they look great, i couldn't resit :)

Wanna see how i'm wearing these? look here :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping with family && friends

Went camping (i know what you're thinking...again!!) at the weekend with my mum and dads old friends with their 3 beautiful boys, was a lot of fun. we went to a country show thing and saw lots of animals and stuff. it was super hot!! kinda wished i was at beach in Spain....but still equally as fun :D we went out for lunch on the sunday and ordered the biggest ice cream thing i've ever seen! my brother devoured it in seconds, as i swear he is a human hoover. Anyway here are some lovely pics;

 Hope everyone had as fun a weekend as me :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012


So today was results day, had to wake up at 6 am so we could drive all the way down to my sixth form (roughly a two hour drive!) at 8 am a friend texts to say he has got into the uni we both applied for, so i checked my phone emails and at half 7 i had received an email from the uni saying 'it gives me great pleasure to confirm your place' i was like huh?!?!?! then i got another email from UCAS saying i had to confirm my place i was like hang on a minute this must mean ive gotten in, spoke to a few other people and they had also received these emails, so i had my place! We got to the sixth form and opened up my little bit of paper that carried the letters to the rest of my life, i was shocked, i was expecting a B in photography but i got an A! so i proceeded to burst into tears, i am deffo going to my first choice uni! :DDDDD

Since its my birthday at the end of the month, my mother said i could get a present early and on my list was an iPad! so we drove to Bluewater and picked up my little beauty, in white. what i didn't realize was that Tom Daley was doing a book signing (i'm not a huge fan, though i do think he is rather good looking) but there was sooooo many screaming teenage girls (i seriously don't think I've ever seen that many at once before, it kinda scared me) so we ran for our lives to Nandos (Nandos is seriously the best, if you haven't been before, stop doing what you're doing and!)

What I wore; crop- topshop, shorts- levi's at a vintage shop, cardigan- primark, ring- not quite sure
Since we were in the car for about 3 hours I decided to dress relativity comfy, thought Id wear my Levis for the first time since they are so lovely and this crop i found in oxfam for only £3.99! total bargin :)

 Pic's from today;

ps. sorry for the long post, i was really excited! how did everyone else's results go? :)


Monday, August 13, 2012

LustHaves No. 1

These are a few of the things I have been lusting after, enjoy :)








 inspiration from weheartit <3


Sunday, August 12, 2012


As you can see I collect sunglasses, I make sure to buy a pair every time I go away somewhere (that sells sunglasses) I bought a new pair at whitenoise at the weekend, which are a rounded shape, as im really liking them atm since buying my black ones from camden. I normally go for wayfarers but I wanted a change, since ill never be able to afford a real pair of Raybans!

Does anyone else have a crazy collection? :)



So this weekend me and my fam went to a festival called white noise in norfolk, described as a VW van/music festival, it was soooo awesome. we traveled in our VDub Alfie as appropriate. we saw the arctic monkeys and kasabian tribute bands, they were also rather awesome you wouldn't even think they were tribute bands?!?!? apart from the front-men looked nothing like the actual ones!....but still awesome awesome awesome, would love to have gone with friends as i wouldn't have minded dancing the night away to pendulum, but my fam are boring so we went to bed. was my bros birthday on the sat was a good day, apart from my bro getting rather stressy due to being a teenager and now at the ripe age of 15. anyway here's some pics;

What I wore; peace bracelet- a present, flower bracelets- from when I was younger, friendship bracelet- handmade, flower bracelet- shop in Gib, nail varnish- Barry M

Friday; top- primark, shorts- miss selfridge, bag- choice, shoes- shoe zone, sunglasses- camden market

Saturday; top- new look, shorts- miss selfidge, socks- primark, necklace- topshop, headband- festival
Saturday night; top- quiz, shoes- shoe zone, hat- some random shop

Photos from the weekend;

Top 3 beetles, splittys, bay windows and other cars
Did anyone else go? and I hope everyone had a good weekend :)