Friday, August 10, 2012

Dads Graduation

Its a bit late but I thought I add this as it was the first time I wore my new cross necklace! I'd been looking everywhere for a biggish turquoise cross for a while and found one in topshop! where I also bought a clear rosary, as it was in the sales! gotta love topshop sales

What I wore; shirt; topshop, bandeau; primark, shorts; topshop, cross necklace; topshop, sunglasses- camden market
I tried to dress as smart and appropriate as I could, but since it was hot and I don't own a lot of smart clothes I figured black is smart? so I stuck with my trusty shorts from topshop (even though I had to keep pulling them down at the back as they show half my bum when I walked! I still I think I made a right decision with what I wore)

Pics from the graduation;

i cant wait to go to uni now! anyone else excited for uni? :)


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