Thursday, August 16, 2012


So today was results day, had to wake up at 6 am so we could drive all the way down to my sixth form (roughly a two hour drive!) at 8 am a friend texts to say he has got into the uni we both applied for, so i checked my phone emails and at half 7 i had received an email from the uni saying 'it gives me great pleasure to confirm your place' i was like huh?!?!?! then i got another email from UCAS saying i had to confirm my place i was like hang on a minute this must mean ive gotten in, spoke to a few other people and they had also received these emails, so i had my place! We got to the sixth form and opened up my little bit of paper that carried the letters to the rest of my life, i was shocked, i was expecting a B in photography but i got an A! so i proceeded to burst into tears, i am deffo going to my first choice uni! :DDDDD

Since its my birthday at the end of the month, my mother said i could get a present early and on my list was an iPad! so we drove to Bluewater and picked up my little beauty, in white. what i didn't realize was that Tom Daley was doing a book signing (i'm not a huge fan, though i do think he is rather good looking) but there was sooooo many screaming teenage girls (i seriously don't think I've ever seen that many at once before, it kinda scared me) so we ran for our lives to Nandos (Nandos is seriously the best, if you haven't been before, stop doing what you're doing and!)

What I wore; crop- topshop, shorts- levi's at a vintage shop, cardigan- primark, ring- not quite sure
Since we were in the car for about 3 hours I decided to dress relativity comfy, thought Id wear my Levis for the first time since they are so lovely and this crop i found in oxfam for only £3.99! total bargin :)

 Pic's from today;

ps. sorry for the long post, i was really excited! how did everyone else's results go? :)



  1. I love your casual outfit! :)

    I have a Giveaway on my blog, if you are interested in entering! :) xx

  2. love your ring!

    1. thanks! i have no idea where its from though! x