Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shopping trip! No. 1

Little bit overdue, didn't realise its almost friday! but i went shopping last week while my mums friend was visiting and picked up a few things.

What i wore; shorts- topshop, shirt- primark (sorry if i'm wearing this a lot i really like it!) don't ask why im wearing the tights! looked out the window and it looked like it was gonna be typical suckish english weather so i decided to wear the tights and if it got hot just take off my cardie! but to my luck it was super hot! :( regret much.

Anyway apart from it being super hot, i bought most of the stuff i wanted and got the spike flats i put on my lusthaves list which you can look at here :)

What i bought; chunky purple cardie, black shirt, a maroon shirt (which isn't pictured) and the spiked flats- primark, grey crop- topshop via charity shop, Levis- a vintage shop

Outside of primark there is a little vintage shop that id walked past a couple times but didn't really have the time to go have a snoop. So i decided why not? i have time to waste, i was pleasantly surprised though, as i found these lovely Levis and as im so in love with high waisted shorts atm i had to buy them! i was also super happy to find they had my size as id been trying to find a pair of shorts in primark but they never ever do my size (does this happen to you) as i'm quite small. they fit beautifully around my waist but they're a bit tight on the thighs but ahh well they look great, i couldn't resit :)

Wanna see how i'm wearing these? look here :)


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